About Us

Founded by Brenda Eeds in 1990 as Pacific School of Music & the Arts, Pacific Conservatory has a new name and a new director, but the same fundamental beliefs and location in the City of Orange. Kim Le, worked under Brenda Eeds for 15 years and was personally trained by her in music and business. Brenda has retired to France, but Kim is happy to continue providing our community with Orange County's finest arts education.

Founding principles on which the school was built:  

 1) A joyous, integrated arts education is the foundation for building excellence.

2) Artistic excellence and music education lead to success in other areas of life. 

3) People who study music, art and drama, who are gently taught to develop discipline, focus and concentration, form lifetime habits that serve them in whatever interests they pursue. They develop self-confidence, the joy of accomplishment and a delight in giving to others through their performances.


We are an integrated program of the highest quality for students of all ages and ability levels. We teach with love in an atmosphere of respect and care. We are committed to the development of creative expression and long-term promotion of the arts in our community. 


We provide students with a rich and varied music and arts educational experience. We offer instrumental and vocal classes, private lessons, musical theatre programs, language classes, workshops, school vacation time camps, recitals, jam sessions, diploma programs, early childhood music and adult programs. We pride ourselves on our artistic integrity, while providing an arts education that is fun yet disciplined. We offer a balanced program to stimulate every aspect of your musical and artistic mind to help you achieve your personal best.


Teaching children how to connect and work together is more important than ever. Music is a way of connecting all of the cultures of the world together, but even right here in Orange, we aim to ensure our children and our elders aren't isolated. We believe musical experiences benefit the audience while teaching our students integrity and grit. Pacific Conservatory musicians have performed at restaurants, fairs, political events, competitions, colleges, museums and more. They have performed indoors and out, in 100 degree weather at the Orange County Fair as well as outside in the cold December for a political function. Pacific Conservatory students are a tough bunch!


Pacific Conservatory is founded on the belief that excellent education comes from instilling strong technical fundamentals while fostering an appreciation for the arts through fun and games. Pacific Conservatory staff and faculty believe musical and artistic expression builds self-esteem, discipline and critical thinking skills. It's also been known to build character. We take special care to tailor lessons to each student’s needs so they can grow to be versatile and virtuosic. Our teachers are hired based on their warm personalities, insightful approaches, and ability to lead by example. Their students have received superior ratings in music festivals and competitions and have gone on to some of the best colleges and conservatories in the USA. Pacific Conservatory’s teaching style creates a positive atmosphere for learning, progress, and fun. 



Our Orange facility is comprised of 3 large classrooms, 2 smaller private teaching rooms and an office and study area. We have a germicidal UV light air purification system inside the HVAC units in our three separate suites, and aour Merv-13 air filters are changed regularly. There is a well-tuned grand piano in every classroom and 88-key digital pianos for group lessons. Guitars, percussion instruments and all the necessary equipment and amenities are available for use.



Our nonprofit foundation provides scholarships for needy and talented children. We have also funded arts programs in our surrounding communities for veterans. Your tax-deductible gift will make the difference in the life of someone who would otherwise not have the means to enjoy music or a music education, which is often a side note to those who struggle. If you wish to volunteer, please send us a message at PacificConservatory@Gmail.com

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