Kia Kani


Mr. Kia Kani

Classical Guitar, Spanish, French & Farsi Instructor


Mr. Kia studied classical guitar and won several national competitions as a young student.  Deciding to dedicate his life professionally to the classical guitar, he immigrated to Spain, a country with rich classical guitar tradition.  He studied with Ignacio Rodes, one of the best guitarists in the world at the Oscar Espla Conservatory in Alicante.  He completed his Master’s in Interpretation and Research in classical guitar.  During these years he worke1q    d as a guitar teacher at several music schools, teaching dozens of students of different ages. In fact some of them play at a very high level today.   During his stay in Spain, he participated in several courses and master classes by such masters as David Russell, Ricardo Gallen, Jose Miguel Moreno, Fernando Espi.  Thanks to these courses he became interested in the world of ancient music and started researching the origins of the guitar: instruments such Vihuela, Renaissance Lute, Baroque Guitar, etc. His research resulted in the publication of 60 articles for an internet website. Mr. Kia spends much of his time teaching because he is passionate about helping students. He also enjoys recording and preparing annual concerts. Mr. Kia is fluent in Spanish and French. He studied French in school from the age of 9 years old. His worldly & cultural exposure to French and Spanish come from years of studies abroad. His native tongue is Farsi. Mr. Kia joined Pacific Conservatory faculty in 2015.