Stella Ramirez-Gollnick

Musician and dancer Stella Ramirez-Gollnick studied piano as a teenager with acclaimed concert pianist and pedagogue Mariblanca de Pujadas and toured with dance companies and stage productions throughout the United States, Japan, and France. During her years as a professional dancer she formed a rock band and played keyboards, vocals, and rhythm guitar as the band’s primary song writer.

     Mrs. Ramirez-Gollnick earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and holds a Teacher level credential from the California Department of Education. She gave up her performance career to homeschool her son from kindergarten through high school graduation and was his first piano teacher. Mrs. Ramirez-Gollnick is proudest of the years devoted to her son’s academic and musical development as he has gone on to be accepted to college music programs with piano scholarships.

     Stella Ramirez-Gollnick was accepted to Fullerton College’s Piano Pedagogue Certificate program upon audition and completed the two year certification in 2018. The program covered advanced levels of Harmony and Musicianship, Piano performance, Piano Pedagogue Instruction, and Piano Ensemble performance. In addition Mrs. Ramirez-Gollnick studied songwriting and vocal performance during her time at Fullerton. Her professors of piano were Dr. Monica Lee, Dr. Andrew Park, and world renowned Jazz pianist Jeremy Siskind. Mrs. Ramirez-Gollnick has given solo piano recitals and has performed in piano ensemble recitals as a student of the Applied Piano Program. She has also sung both classical repertoire and in Jazz style for school recitals. Mrs. Ramirez-Gollnick is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California. Stella still enjoys playing guitar and songwriting and lives in Costa Mesa, Ca.